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Tax Appeals

Compass Management does not handle the actual appeal process.  We do, however, match clients with one of our highly-qualified business affiliates who will file the appeal and, if needed, represent the client through the entire appeal process.  Our affiliates have successfully appealed property taxes for all property types:  office, medical office, industrial, retail, and multi-family.


Frequency:  Tax appeals can be filed annually; however, if a property owner has filed within the last 2 years, the appeal may only need to be filed when the property is reassessed.


The Process:  Colorado County Assessors mail Notice of Valuation letters on May 1st of each year; protests are due by June 1st.  There are three potential steps in the appeal process:

  1. Owners can file a protest (appeal) with the Assessor no later than June 1st of each year.  The Assessor’s office reviews the protest and determines if it has merit by the end of August of each year (possibly earlier, depending on the county).
  2. If the owner is not satisfied with the result of the Assessor’s review, they can file an appeal with the County Board of Equalization. (Deadlines vary by county.)
  3. If the property owner still is not satisfied after this review, they have the right to file a final appeal with State Board of Assessment Appeals in the District Court in which the property is located; they also have the right to demand a binding arbitration hearing before a private arbitrator. (Again, deadlines vary by county.)

While these steps are available to all property owners, most protests are resolved after the first or second step.