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Construction Management Services

Compass Management provides Construction Management services to help protect our client’s asset(s) and ensure improvement projects (Capital or Tenant Improvements) are performed in accordance with contracts.  Services include:

  • 24284516_sCoordinating space planning meetings and finish selections with tenants and architects
  • Bidding out the construction project
  • Collecting expense overage from Tenant for amounts estimated to exceed allowance provided by Landlord (if any)
  • Awarding the contract & finalizing the construction schedule
  • Coordinating pre-construction meetings to ensure contractors are aware of property specific rules and regulations regarding construction:
    • Building hours
    • Insurance Requirements
    • When demolition work (and other loud or noxious work) can be performed
    • Building Rules & Regulations
    • Requirement regarding negative air pressure (if any)
    • Building access
    • Dumpster placement
  • Once construction begins, we work with the tenant and the general contractors to perform:
    • Chalk walks (to be sure walls are where the tenant wants them before they are constructed)
    • Electrical walks (to be sure outlets, light fixtures, and additional wiring requirements (e.g. sound systems) are where needed)
    • Draw downs (paint samples to be sure colors are accurate before space is painted)
    • Construction completion check (with tenant and general contractor to look for items still needing to be addressed “punch-list items”)
    • Punch-list walks (with Tenant and general contractor to be sure all punch-list items have been addressed so the project can be closed out)
  • Throughout the construction project, we perform periodic inspections to verify:
    • Work is being performed as contracted and is staying on schedule
    • Work which has been invoiced has been completed, and payment applications can be approved for payment
    • Contractors are abiding by property rules
  • Once construction is completed (including punch-list items) Compass Management:
    • Reconciles all payment applications to the original construction budget
    • Distributes the construction reserves
    • Invoices/credits the tenant for difference between budget and actual expenses
    • Processes the construction management fee invoice for payment

The Compass Management team has experience managing small “carpet and paint projects” to projects in excess of 50,000 square feet and over $1,000,000.00.  Because we have assisted office and retail tenants with build-outs, medical practices with build-outs, and have overseen million dollar capital improvement projects, we know we can meet all of our clients’ construction management needs.  Fees for each project are charged in accordance with the terms of the management contract.

It is important to note, Compass Management, LLC is not a general contractor and, per the terms of our management contract, cannot be held liable for errors committed by the General Contractor or their sub-contractors.