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Backed by twenty years of industry experience, Compass Management has managed properties from 5,000 to over 300,000 square feet.  We manage every property with one goal in mind: to assist our clients in achieving their individual goals for their asset.  Compass Management knows that relationships play an important role in our success; we take great pride in the strong associations we have forged with our clients and with quality service providers who serve as partners in the process.  We also proudly support the military and are committed to helping interested service-members transition into property management.  From “mom & pop” tenants to international organizations, Compass Management is a property management firm with the integrity, skill, knowledge, and experience you seek.


Tiffany L. Jackson, CPM®

President & CEO

Tiffany wholeheartedly believes there is a path for everyone and real estate management is obviously hers.  She loves that each day in this industry is different and brings a new set of challenges.  Another thing she loves about this industry is that it affords her the opportunity to interact with all types of people every day, from CEO’s to the janitorial staff; this part of the job ties into the part of her that is a huge “people person”.  Relationships are vital to this industry and Compass Management grew out of Tiffany’s passion for serving others and helping them grow, both personally and professionally.

Tiffany got her start in real estate management in Memphis, TN.  Approximately five years into her career, she attended her first Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) meeting and knew immediately that securing the Institute’s Certified Property Manager (CPM®) designation was her key to advancement.  While pursuing this goal, promotions moved her to Oklahoma City, OK (2004) and Denver, CO (2008).  As she moved around the country, Tiffany’s enthusiasm for IREM and all it had to offer intensified.  Upon relocating to Denver, Tiffany became involved with the Greater Denver Chapter of IREM and, in 2009, began a five year commitment to the Chapter’s Board of Directors.  In that timeframe, she has served as:

  • Secretary (2009)
  • Treasurer (2010)
  • President-Elect (2011 & 2012)
  • President (2013)

Tiffany is also drawn to legislative issues and concurrently serves on the Chapter’s Legislative Committee and IREM’s National Legislative and Public Policy Committee.  Tiffany also acts as a local facilitator for IREM’s Ethics 800 course.  It is because she has learned so much from her involvement with IREM herself that Tiffany requires IREM participation for the entire Compass Management team.

A self-described “military brat”, Tiffany is also extremely passionate about the military and those who serve our country.  It is because service members hold such a special place in her heart that Compass Management commits to forming partnerships with local military organizations to train separating service members to successfully transition their military skills to the property management field.

Tiffany’s love for people, no matter their background, really is what makes her a success.  She pours her heart into her team, her clients, and tenants.  Compass Management fully reflects her dedication to providing highly exceptional and ethical property management and, most importantly, to serving clients and tenants through superior customer service.